MINOTAUR: Turkey asked to cooperate on the Greek anti-drone system, says inventor

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In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk, particularly from Turkey, about the "Minotaur" weapon system as it has the ability to shoot down drones using lasers, according to the inventor Konstantinos Soukos.

He is also the same one who has collaborated with the American Castalia system. This system has ability to recycle expired ammunition and even chemical weapons.

The "Minotaur" prototype has received a lot of media interest, particularly from Greeks who want to know much more about it and the technologies it has.


The Larissa inventor has been working and developing the "Minotaur" for the last 13 years. He emphasises that he does not have a production line but sells the patents to anyone who shows interest in acquiring new, innovative and pioneering technologies.

At the moment in Greece, we are keeping silent about its acquisition, but as Konstantinos Soukos himself revealed, he had previously been offered by Turkey (at an exhibition in France ) to cooperate with Soukos Robots and acquire it.

When asked why so many Turks do not believe that this system has potential, Soukos said: "Then why does the neighbour make so many proposals for cooperation with us at the exhibition in France?"

Listen and see what he said regarding the proposals he has received from the Turks (at 8:30 and with English subtitles):

Vassilis Sarimbalides is a columnist for News Auto.

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