OOOPS! Greek MP Kleon Grigoriadis naively strips off during video meeting

MP Kleon Grigoriadis

Greek MP Kleon Grigoriadis was caught unwittingly stripping on camera to a parliamentary committee as his fellow MP held a video conference.

Kleon Grigoriadis removed his jacket and then his shirt behind his party colleague, apparently oblivious to being broadcast to a wider audience.

Maria Apatzidi had been addressing the public administration committee about proposed police legislation from the offices of the left-wing MeRA25 party in Greece's parliament when Grigoriadis suddenly appeared on the screen.

Unaware of the camera, he started stripping off his clothes.

Apatzidi attempted to warn him but he was too focused on the task in hand and failed to notice.

As she realised he was topless, she took direct action and put her hand over the camera, to the bemusement of watching committee members.

However, Grigoriadis, who is an actor by profession, failed to see the funny side of his bare-chested expose and speaking afterwards said: "When you work all day, you change clothes in the office.

"Because, yes, some MPs work instead of stealing public money."

Cleon Grigoriadis and Maria Apatzidi

He criticised the media for rushing to show the "unfortunate incident", but did not pay the same attention to more serious issues.

His comments were echoed by Ms Apatzidi when requested to comment.

She wrote on social media: "When MeRA25 messes with the oligarchy and receives lawsuits, its MPs are not invited anywhere.

"Now a simple event that can happen to anyone is the reason to be invited.

"We are sorry but we will not play the media's game."

When she subsequently complained in an interview that MeRA25 MPs were not invited on air to speak about serious issues like the energy crisis or the environment, the presenter told her she was "not here to promote the party's positions".

In response, Apatzidi said "have a nice day" and put down the phone.

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