Turkish citizen to Erdoğan: "We will eat dry bread and onions but we will not abandon you"

turkish citizen to erdogan

It may be that the Turkish economy is being pushed to the limit by high inflation, however it seems that there are still followers of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who not only support him to the end, but declare themselves, through a song, ready to eat only "dry onion and bread" for him.

The song was written by a Turkish citizen who poses for the camera holding a loaf of bread, on which he has placed a (spring) onion.

The lyrics of the song:

"If necessary we will eat dry bread and onions but we will not abandon Erdoğan,
No one like us should expect us to enter such games,
For us, we will first give our lives for the dignity of the country,
For the country, we will also give our souls."

The video:

At the same time, according to data from a Turkish poll by METROPOLL, one of the most reliable companies in Turkey, found that although 47.1% of Turks approved of the Turkish president in October, the percentage fell in November to 45.1%.

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