Turkish DM Akar: "Greece's position is unyielding, learn from history"

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar

Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar continued his aggressive rhetoric against Greece, this time by claiming in the Turkish General Assembly that "Greece is making every effort to increase tensions."

"Our expectation is that some Greek politicians and military heads will immediately abandon their intransigent and provocative stance for domestic political purposes, focus on solving problems through dialogue and learn from history," he added.

In fact, Akar even had the audacity to leave a tip for the US, arguing: "No one, especially the countries that destabilise the region, should expect us to tolerate terrorists nesting right next to our borders."

"Our heroic army ensures the security of our borders for our sovereignty and independence, fights against all terrorist organisations, protects our rights and interests in our seas, makes great efforts to contribute to regional and global peace and is carrying out the largest exercises in the history of our democracy," the Turkish minister said.

"World-class vehicles and equipment are used to ensure the security of our borders," he added.

Referring to the Cyprus issue, Akar spoke about "a national issue".

"As in the past, today we stand by the side of our Cypriot brothers. We are determined to protect both our rights and the rights of our Cypriot brothers. While we are open to dialogue in Cyprus, the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean, we have not and will not allow any fait accompli," he claimed.

"As long as we ensure our security, we also support the righteous causes of friendly and brotherly countries," he defence minister concluded.

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