Greek experts remove brain tumour while the patient was awake

brain scan brain tumour

A very delicate brain tumour removal operation, one of the very few performed in Greece, took place on November 29 at the Metropolitan Hospital by a team of doctors comprising of neurosurgeons Pantelis Stavrinou, Christos Koutsarnakis and Sotirios Apostolakis, anesthesiologist Theanos Demestichas, neuropsychologist Eva Lioutas and the neurophysiologist Costas Papadopoulos.

The doctors removed a tumour, which was growing in the area of ​​speech in the brain of a young patient. Due to the localisation of the tumor, the operation had to balance between its aggressive removal and the preservation of the most important functions of the patient, Ygeia Mou reported.

For this reason, the craniotomy to remove the tumour was performed with the patient awake throughout.

The patient was awake and answered pre-agreed questions or performed simple activities (such as counting) and movements, in order to assess, in real time, the effect of surgical manipulations on her speech and general functional ability.

In order to carry out the operation, the most modern technological means were employed, such as intraoperative brain mapping, neuronavigational and intraoperative ultrasound.

Preoperatively, a detailed imaging test was performed to establish where the functional areas and functional of the brain were and how close to the tumour they were.

The patient then underwent a detailed neuropsychological examination to accurately study the state of brain functions and determine the questions and activities she would have to answer or perform during the operation.

The operation was completely successful!

The surgical team worked like a perfect orchestra, achieving the ideal result for the patient's health, who was discharged on the fourth day after the operation!

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