Patras: Money intended for children with cancer was stolen

patras stolen money children with cancer

€600 and a television were looted by burglars from the offices of the Association of Parents of Children with Neoplastic Disease "i Floga" on Filopoimenos Street in Patras.

According to Flamis, the burglary took place in the early hours of Sunday. Surprised, the president of "Flagas", Mrs. Marina Rizogianni, opened the office on Sunday afternoon and found that the balcony door was broken and everything in complete disaray.

The burglars succeeded and entered the offices of "Floga" from the apartment next door, which houses the Cleitorolefkasion Association of Patras.

In particular, the perpetrators seem to have jumped from the balcony, broken the balcony door and invaded the space. After grabbing the money and the TV, they disappeared.

10 1111 812 6However, according to Flamis, this burglary did not happen by accident.

On Saturday morning, "Floga" held a market on the pedestrian street of Riga Feraios, where a large number of people came.

The burglars assumed that the money from the auction would be inside the offices, but the president and the members of the Board of Directors, after counting, moved it to another place. In the office, however, there were €600 for some payments, which the criminals found.

"And the fact that they would take the money of children who are fighting for their illness is sacrilege" declared Marina Rizogianni.

Fortunately, however, the members of the Board of Directors had foreseen an issue and the money from the market is safe and will be given for the purposes of the Association, which for decades has been helping the parents of children with neoplastic disease.

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