Brussels cops raid more EU Parliament offices in Qatar probe European Parliament VP

Eva Kaili

Belgian police said they had now searched 19 residences and offices in connection with the corruption probe. European Parliament offices have now been sealed off. The president of the EU parliament, Roberta Metsola confirmed that the investigation has been going on for months.

Other details read like an old-school, money-under-the-table scheme.

A cash-filled suitcase was seized in a Brussels hotel room containing several hundred thousand euros. Police discovered another €600,000 in a single residence. And one EU lawmaker’s apartment had €150,000 in dollar bills.

Prosecutors said the latest raids were intended to grab IT equipment from Parliament staff before any data could be wiped.

The prosecutors confirmed that the four suspects still being held will appear in court Wednesday.

The explosive revelations have rocked Brussels, with officials nervously wondering who might be next. The subject dominated conversations in the halls of Parliament on Monday in Strasbourg, where Parliament President Roberta Metsola vowed to launch a full investigation.

“We will meet this test head-on. There will be no impunity,” Metsola declared. “None.”