How many sports and luxury cars have been sold in Greece?

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The numbers of newly purchased cars are quite high, and with a positive sign compared to last year. However, sales of used cars are also quite high, which is due to the lack of new cars available and the fact that prices have not pushed on the brakes yet...

According to the official data, from the beginning of the year until the month of October, the registrations of second-hand cars reached 63,890 units. Of the above sales, most of the models concern everyday vehicles.

However, the sports and luxury models that usually cost a fortune made a special impression too.

As you can see from the relevant list published by News Auto, Porsche is at the top with 314 sales, a particularly large figure for the Greek market. Ferrari follows with 18 classifications, a number that also shows the interest of the Greek public in the Italian brand.

There is a great - given the name - demand for Lamborghini in Greece, which classified 8 used cars, while the 16 Maseratis show that the brand from Italy has quite a dynamic clientele in our country as well.

From there, 3 Lotus were sold, as well as an Aston Martin, Bentley and Morgan.

Used Sports Car Sales:

Porsche 314
Ferrari 18
Maserati 16
Lamborghini 8
Lotus 3
Aston Martin 1
Bentley 1
Morgan 1

Vassilis Sarimbalides is a columnist for News Auto.

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