James Franco and Anna Vissi had fun together at a nightclub in Athens - Watch the video

James Franco and Anna Vissi in December 2022

James Franco's love for Greece is certainly beyond doubt. The Hollywood star is back in Athens for some filming but he does not miss the opportunity to meet with Anna Vissi, with whom they have been friends since they met in the USA.

A few months ago, the actor was at a live performance by Vissi. The both of them had uploaded a photograph of them on Instagram.


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Since then, Franco's visits to Athens are more frequent and he tries to combine their professional obligations with entertainment. Vissi went out with her friends for her name day and among them was James Franco.

The group met at the night club where Dionysis Schinas appears and in fact, the singer dedicated her song, "Things", to the 44-year-old star of "Spider-Man".

Wearing a hat and looking casual, James Franco looked like he was having a lot of fun, with patrons who noticed his presence in the nightclub capturing his reactions.

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After his summer vacation in Mykonos, the actor has now returned to Greece in the autumn and winter on numerous occasions, showing that he is not just a lover of the Greek summer, but Greece all year round.

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