Sakis Rouvas and Konstantinos Argiros in a duet – surprise at MadWalk 2022!

Sakis Rouvas Konstantinos Argiros

One is a current top Greek star, while the other is the most successful Greek artist of his generation, we're of course speaking about Konstantinos Argiros and Sakis Rouvas! The duo will be presented for the first time to the public at MadWalk 2022 in what will surely be an amazing performance.

The song is called "Σοκ" (Shock) and it is a fresh rock n' roll song written by Lefteris Kindatos.

At Tae Kwon Do, MadWalk 2022 by Serkova - The Fashion Music Project, is coming, in the presence of the public, with 20 impressive catwalks, original acts by 30 artists and presenter the glamorous Marietta Hrousala.

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