Turkish media make new threats against Greece and the USA

Turkish media

Turkish media have continued their pro-war climate against Greece and are also once again targeting the USA.

Following the latest incendiary statements by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who spoke directly about hitting Athens with Tayfun missiles, journalists and analysts repeated threats against our country, while there was no shortage of shots against Washington.

Speaking on A Haber's show, the professor of the Strategic Research department of Altinbas University, Eray Güçlüer, happily stated that the range of the - domestically produced - missile is not 561 km but exceeds 1000 km.

"The real range of the Tayfun missile is not 561 km. It is 1,000 km's, this will be announced later, but I will reveal it to you," he declared defiantly, once again threatening Greece.

"On October 17, the Greek military chief visited Chios, which is only 2,800 m from our shores. That is, when we launched the Tayfun and the Greek military had pointed the finger and had targeted Turkey, while they declared that they would buy 20 F-35 etc. Really? Then here's Tayfun," he concluded.

In a CNN Türk broadcast, the journalist İsmet Özcelik, on the occasion of the equipping of the Greek islands, accused that the US is hiding behind Greece, which threatens Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond.

He claimed that NATO and Washington were behind the failed coup of 2016, asking Ankara to differentiate itself from its Western allies.

"When the equipment of the Aegean islands is discussed, NATO states that 'We are obliged to the security of NATO's borders'. In other words, in some sense ideologically it has taken you out of NATO, because they know that Turkey cannot be controlled," Özcelik said.

"The coup of September 12 it was NATO's, it was an American coup. While the June 15 attempt was also a NATO coup, an American coup. I don't know, now in my opinion these should be taken into account. Turkey, in my opinion, should acquire a diversification in weapons," he continued.

"In other words, it must escape from the mold of NATO, because it is NATO that threatens us. We talked about it here," the journalist said.

"In the Eastern Mediterranean America threatens us, in Cyprus America threatens us, in the Aegean America threatens us, to the south of the Euphrates America threatens us, to the north of Iraq America threatens us," Özcelik concluded.

A report on the Haber Global network's news bulletin dealt extensively with the strengthening of the military presence in Crete, which seems to be a serious concern for Ankara.

Shots are also fired at the researches for natural gas to the south of the island, with the accusation that our country is violating the continental shelf of Libya.

"Greece will increase its military presence in Crete. The goal of the Greeks is to turn Crete into an impregnable fortress and to upgrade their naval base there to the level of the Turkish naval base of Aksaz," said the Haber Global report.

"In the arms competition and the energy competition with Turkey, Greece attaches great importance to Crete, which is at a critical point. It is increasing its military presence in Crete, which is its largest island," the report added.

"In addition, it is conducting natural gas explorations south of Crete, violating the Libyan continental shelf," concluded the report.

In a broadcast of the same network, the retired Vice Admiral Erdoğan Karakuş defiantly stated: "Greece understands only by force. Besides that, it does not understand anything."

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