Androulakis: Turkey must be sanctioned and embargoes from weapon purchases

Nikos Androulakis

PASOK-Movement for Change leader Nikos Androulakis said on Wednesday, when addressing the European parliament plenary, that the imposition of an arms embargo on Turkey is an immediate necessity.

The party leader underlined that "Turkey is once again bombing the Kurds in northern Syria who, with their own struggle, intercepted the Islamic state" and that "we appear to forget easily as we remain observers of the provocations and the continuous violations of the international law".

Androulakis added that Turkey is the only NATO member that has not imposed sanctions on Russia and continues to blackmail Sweden and Finland refusing to ratify their integration to NATO and violates the sovereign rights of Greece and Cyprus.

"It (the Turkish government) even had the audacity on Sunday to threat Greece saying that if it does 'not stay calm, a missile could hit Athens'", underlined Androulakis.

"Is this the right behaviour of a ally country as some in the European Commission and Council believe? What else needs to be done to take measures? The least that can be done is the immediate imposition of an arms embargo and sanctions that will hurt the Erdogan's regime," concluded Androulakis.

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