Lakis Gavalas: "We had a great Christmas in prison, we also had music"

Lakis Gavalas

Lakis Gavalas made statements and referred to the new season of My Style Rocks. The well-known designer was at the event organised by Haris Sianidis and the camera of the show "Open Weekend" spotted him there.

As he said, the first filming for My Style Rocks has started and the production is looking for the remaining judges.

"We had a 20-hour shoot today, because we had to test the other prospective judges, some of whom left. I did not accept them to stay. I can't say anything," he said.

"I have asked for a glass partition because there is still this influenza, this cold, this flu, so we must each be individually", he added.

Finally, he stated that there are many who would like to be on the jury, but they cannot stand him next to them.

"There are many who would like to be co-judges and I cannot. Lucky for me. I won't tell you any more details, I can't and I'm not allowed," he said in closing.

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