Pornhub revealed the category most watched by Greeks: The World Cup saw a drop in traffic


The standard review it does at the end of each year was published by Pornhub, which revealed, among other things, the category that Greeks enjoy.

Pornhub, the well-known website for erotic content, shortly before the end of 2022, made its usual review, from in which we know what category the Greeks prefer the most.

For the 9th year, Pornhub presents the most popular trends, terms, searches of 2022, while doing a recap of everything that happened during the year. In the review are colourful infographics filled with data collected by Pornhub 's statisticians.

The top searches of 2022

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Every year, Pornhub's Insights team and statisticians look at data from billions of visits to see what content defined the year. Those who follow this blog know that Pornhub's top searches are often influenced by pop culture and other world events.

Many of these terms define 2022 not only in Pornhub but also in the mainstream media.

Top category in this year's trends is Reality porn. The Reality category increased by +169% to become one of the Top 20 categories and while the popularity of the Amateur category decreased slightly by -19%.

Pornhub statisticians believe that as more and more Amateur models become full-time performers, the quality of their videos has improved, but visitors are still looking for Reality porn.

The Transgender category grew by +75% to become the 7th most popular category globally.

Transgender was the #1 most viewed category in Brazil and the 3rd most popular in the United States and Italy.

The most searched terms of 2022

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In addition to trendy terms, Pornhub 's number one global search for 2022 remained "hentai" (Japanese porn comics), followed by "Japanese".

The search for "MILF" rose to position 3 and dropped "lesbian" to position 4. Rounding out the top five most popular searches is "pinay" (Filipina). Searches for "Ebony" and "Massage" saw a drop and were replaced by "big ass", "threesome" and "Latina".

The most popular stars of 2022

12 9

This year, Abella Danger was the most popular adult star, knocking Lana Rhoades into 2nd place. Angela White moved up three spots in the rankings, leaving Eva Elfie and Riley Reid to round out the Top 5. The Top 5 stars have more than 7.1 billion video views of all time.

Greece does not make the Top 20 top countries based on traffic

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If you think that the Greeks are among the top peoples who love to watch movies with erotic content, you are very wrong! Once again, the United States continues to be the country with the highest daily traffic to Pornhub, followed by the United Kingdom.

In 2022, France moved +1 ahead of Japan , Mexico +1 ahead of Italy and Germany +1 ahead of Canada. Egypt 's ranking increased by +7 to join the Top 20 for the first time, while there was also the return of Belgium in the top twenty.

What do Greeks like to see the most?

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We left the good for last! Pornhub has published a favour, which shows which category each people prefers to watch. In Greece, as you will see on the world map below, the color gray prevails, which corresponds to the "lesbian" category.

The category "Reality" emerged as the leader in only four countries. These are Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Brazil was the only country with " Transgender " as the top category and only Russia saw the "Russian" category dominate.

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