QatarGate Scandal: Francesco Giorgi confesses guilt; partner Greek MEP Eva Kaili innocent (!)


According to news reports, Francesco Giorgi has admitted his involvement in the Qatar corruption scandal and has called on Belgian authorities to release his partner, former European Parliament Vice-President Eva Kaili.

Italian and Belgium newspapers, La Repubblica and Le Soir were the first to report Giorgi's admission of guilt to Belgian investigators.

According to the reports, Giorgi's admission on accepting bribes from Qatar to influence decisions taken by the European Parliament relating to the country made a "significant contribution" to the investigation conducted by Belgian authorities.

Giorgi, a legislative assistant for the EU, tried to clear his partner Kaili of any wrongdoing,  following her dismissal from the position as vice president of the European Parliament on Monday, refuting all accusations she had committed any impropriety.

A lawyer for Giorgi, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Meanwhile Giorgi currently in detention pending further investigation of the case.

Qatar has also denied it had sought to bribe MEPs.