George Dalaras: "I collaborated with young singers and regretted it"

George Dalaras

George Dalaras spoke to the "Happy Day" show about his voice, his collaborations with new artists, and also about trap music.

The legendary Greek singer did not hesitate to mention the secrets that keep his voice unchanged, while he revealed that the few times he has collaborated with new artists, he has regretted it.

"There are no secrets for the voice, either you sing or you don't sing. I never smoked and never drank, that's why I can still sing. I'm going to do music no matter what," he said, adding: "I have collaborated 1-2 times with young artists and I have regretted it."

"When a man starts from nothing and becomes someone, he must know that the older he grows, the more humble he must become. When he thinks that this thing he is doing is his and no one else's, let them go," Dalaras then noted.

Speaking about trap music, he clarified: "I listen to trap music, but I want this music to have messages, not puns and curses."

Concluding, the singer said "taking pictures with fans. A lot of autographs don't make sense with the passage of time."

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