The RETURN of Haris Alexiou! Social Media Blew Up!

haris alexiou

The first tour of Maestro has been completed, leaving the best omens for an even stronger second season of the successful series by Christoforos Papakaliatis, especially after the appearance of Haris Alexiou!

The series was praised by the television audience and now the countdown begins for its premiere on Netflix, from where it will also travel around the world.

The drama series, written, directed and starring Christoforos Papakaliatis, will come to Netflix subscribers in Greece and Cyprus on December 19, 2022 and will premiere worldwide for the first time in early 2023.

In the ninth and last episode of the beloved series, one of the elements that stood out was the performance of Alexiou. In particular, the impressions of the viewers were won by the scene, in which the performer sings at the festival of Paxos.

Her beautiful voice resonated and singing "Prayer", moved both the television audience and social media users, especially on Twitter, where it became the most trending hashtag in Greece.

The tweets of the users were ecstatic, as this is also the first time the performer sings, after her decision to retire from singing.

A few hours after the finale of "Maestro", the singer uploaded on Instagram the excerpt from her performance, while writing in the caption: " Nothing ends... This story has a future... everyone does!" .

See the post:

Check out some of the reactions on Twitter

"I've said it before but when will Netflix show Haris. Her songs are part of our culture."

"Epic Music!"

"How amazing is the interpretation of Haris Alexiou 👏👏 how many songs she has given us with her voice."

"Haris Alexiou. Angel voice. Wonderful and talented soul!! #Maestro."

"Maestro the supreme, unique, insurmountable Haris Alexiou ladies and gentlemen."

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