Maestro: Watch Haris Alexiou sing in a RARE performance - Watch video

Haris Alexiou Maestro

The first season of "Maestro" ended on Thursday and it once again conquered the top spot for Greek viewers, especially with the appearance of Haris Alexiou!

In the finale of the series by Christoforos Papakaliatis, one of the most characteristic scenes is the performance of Haris Alexiou at the festival of Paxos.

Stefania Goulioti conveyed the atmosphere that prevailed when the particular scene was filmed with a video. Through her Instagram profile, the actress posted the backstage video, with the musical comeback clapping at the end of the song.

"Look at it all. The sound at the finish line. Experience WHAT we experienced! I'm shooting this video CRYING!! One of the most touching moments of my life has been that I was a 'witness' of this shocking moment!!! The voice of Haroula Alexiou thundering all over Gaios of Paxos!! Literally loudspeakers everywhere to echo her warmth throughout the village!! With this song that was a 'sign' of my adolescence and this woman shaking my soul.!! This experience, THIS DAY, always reminds me that HAVING YOUR SOUL SHAKEN, either by love, or by any experience, IS THE GREATEST GIFT IN LIFE!!!!!!

Thank you Haris Alexiou!! MY TEENAGE LOVE!!!

Thank you Christopher Papakaliatis, Orestis Chalkias. He wants... you to sing with this legend!!” the actress wrote in the description of the publication.

Watch the video:

Her beautiful voice resonated and singing "Prayer", moved both the television audience and the internet users, as it became the first trend on Twitter. The tweets of the users were ecstatic, as this is also the first time the performer sings, after her decision to retire from singing.

A few hours after the finale of "Maestro", Haris Alexiou uploaded on Instagram the excerpt from her performance, while writing in the caption: "Nothing ends... This story has a future... everyone does!" .

Watch the video:

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