Yannis Ploutarchos: "The record label wanted me to have a fake relationship while I was married"

Yannis Ploutarchos

Yannis Ploutarchos and his son, Giorgos Kakosaios, were invited to the big radio marathon to support the "Eliza" association.

The singer, speaking on the "My radio" show "Mappes", talked about his first steps in the music industry and revealed the adventures he experienced.

"In my first steps, the record label wanted me to have a fictitious relationship, while I was married and I said it was impossible," said Ploutarchos.

"You speak well, but who will tell Maria?" the singer then said with humour.

Giorgos Kakosios, for his part, when asked about Christmas during his childhood, said: "At Christmas we decorated when my father had a day off. My father is crazy about Christmas and decorations."

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