Eurobarometer: Greece has the lowest support for Ukraine in the EU

Ukraine Greece Eurobarometer

A Eurobarometer poll has found that a large number of Greeks, unlike the overwhelming majority of European citizens, do not approve of the European Union’s backing for Ukraine in its war with Russia.

In the relevant question of the Parliament’s Eurobarometer for autumn 2022, a majority of citizens in the 24 member-states approve of the position taken by the EU, with the exception of Slovakia, Bulgaria and Greece, which have the lowest percentages (49%, 48% and 48% respectively).

The highest levels are recorded in Sweden (97%), Finland (95%), the Netherlands (93%), Portugal (92%) and Denmark (92%).

The same survey showed that three quarters of European citizens (73%) agree with the specific measures taken by the EU, namely sanctions against the Russian government, as well as economic, military and humanitarian support to Ukraine.

Again, Greece is at the bottom of the ranking, with only 46%.

Citizens feelings are in stark contrast to the actions of the government though.

Greece’s support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty “is principled and unwavering,” Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has told the EU’s ‘Standing with the Ukrainian people’ solidarity conference in Paris on November 13.

This support is effected the provision of political, military, financial and humanitarian support, he added.

Furthermore, Greece has pledged financial assistance for the war-afflicted country through international organizations has so far hosted some 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, who are entitled to accommodation, health care and access to education.

He highlighted that almost half of the products exported from Ukraine were transported out Ukraine by “with fleets of Greek interests.”

Greece was “ready to assist all efforts in establishing alternative supply routes for gas, through the units in Alexandroupoli.”

Dendias also expressed concern for the Greek communities in Ukraine, particularly in areas like Mariupol, as well as in Odessa and Zaporizhzhia.

In a poll conducted after Russia’s invasion, 71 percent condemned the invasion, but 65 percent said Greece should remain completely neutral. And in a POLITICO poll, 60 percent of Greeks agreed that the Russian invasion was unacceptable, the lowest figure among the six countries polled.

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