ATHENS: 16-year-old Greek boxer and European champion in critical condition

Greek boxer

A 16-year-old Greek boxer and European champion is in hospital and in critical condition after smashing his head on the floor after training.

The young man, while he was training, felt unwell and stopped. He went to the bathroom to splash some water on his face and then fainted. However, from the fall, he hit his head on a hard surface, causing him to lose consciousness.

According to the owner of the gym, Nikos Yidakos, who spoke about the incident to Proto Thema, this blow was also confirmed by the forensic examination.

The unpleasant event was first noticed by another boxer, Alik Lagazashvili, who when he heard the noise from the fall, ran to the bathroom to see what was happening.

Immediately, he notified the father of the minor and the owner of the gym, who called an ambulance, with the young man being transferred to the Tzanio hospital. There, doctors determined the criticality of the situation and the teenager underwent head surgery to remove the hematoma.

According to Proto Thema, the young champion was tired from Thursday night's training. On Friday morning he went to train again, this time at Nikos Gidakou's gym in Tavros in sparring matches, wearing all the necessary protective accessories.

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