Catherine Zeta Jones was impressed with a photo of Eleni Menegaki

catherine zeta jones eleni menegaki

Eleni Menegaki recounted an unknown story involving Catherine Zeta Jones and was revealed by Panos Zenas in a recent interview.

The fashion designer spoke to the magazine OK!, where he mentioned that: "One star that made a special impression on me is Catherine Zeta Jones, who is also a customer of mine, mainly in the Mykonos store."

"Entering the store, she saw a photo of Eleni Menegaki in a beauty pageant outfit and asked the saleswoman: 'Who is the girl?'. 'Eleni Menegaki, a star of Greece,' she answered her. 'Great, give me the outfit!' she said and bought it," Zenas said.

After the clip was shown on her show, Eleni Menegaki remembered the dress, since it was a dress she had worn at a beauty pageant, which she had presented, just a few days after the birth of her second child.

After that, her colleagues commented on how flat her belly was and how she did not look like a woman who had just given birth.

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