First Snow for Greece in Pelion Chania finally

It snowed in Pelion last night

The first snow fell for Greece on December 19-20, snow fell on the peaks of Pelion Chania and Agriolefkes.

There are reportedly no problems with the road network in the area. Snow lovers will be able to enjoy the Pelion Ski Center on Christmas day

Last night, the Thessaly region was fully prepared for the winter as snowploughs got to work clearing the path for vehicles.

Around midnight, the snowfall intensified, and the height of the snow layer reached 5 centimetres. The temperature fluctuates around zero during the day, and at night the thermometers showed -6°C.

Pelion Ski Center in Agriolefkes will be open on the weekend of 24 and 25 December, i.e. Christmas Eve and Day. In addition, the lifts “Pilio 1” and “Pilio 3” are open and ready for ski lovers. Two winter chalets will be open to visitors to enjoy the winter scenery of the mountain.