Gallop Pulse: 8 points difference between New Democracy and SYRIZA - Mitsotakis dominates defence and economy

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis Alexis Tsipras Gallop Pulse

The latest Gallop Pulse poll found that New Democracy (ND) registered poll gains 10 days after the Qatargate scandal broke, in which MEP Eva Kaili is involved. The ruling party rose by one unit in voting intensions, PASOK lost one unit and SYRIZA remained stable, like the rest of the parties.

The ruling ND is approaching the level of 34.5% it recorded in September after the appearance of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in TIF, according to the measurement presented in the main report of SKAI.

The difference between ND-SYRIZA was measured at 8 points, with ND at 34% and SYRIZA at 26%.

PASOK appears at 10.5%, which is its lowest percentage since January and the election of Nikos Androulakis - however, the poll shows that the damage from Kaili's involvement in Qatargate is relatively small, at least in this phase, but the image of PASOK's leader has been hurt.

At the same time, it appears that SYRIZA is not profiting from Kaili's case.

Mitsotakis rises even further in the voters' preferences regarding the ability to manage the critical issues of foreign policy, defence and economy over Alexis Tsipras, while still maintaining a strong lead of 11 points as the most suitable prime minister.

It is also interesting to note that the same percentage - 39% - is recorded both in favour of Prime Minister Mitsotakis and in favour of his latest announcement in Parliament for the return of 10% of food purchases for six months.

In terms of citizens' choices depending on their self-positioning in the political firmament, it is interesting that Mitsotakis dominates almost completely in the Right and Centre-rRght, is first in the centrist area and maintains serious bases even in the centre-left.

He has received a public opinion blow in the field of transparency though for his involvement in wiretapping scandal against PASOK's leader.

At the same time, New Democracy's lead in the victory show increased, gaining four points to reach 59%, while SYRIZA lost two points to 25%, which however means that there is an important core that still believes that the official opposition party has the potential to be the first party in the elections.

As far as the next government is concerned, 41% appear to want ND, either autonomously or as the main body of a coalition government, while 32% say the same about SYRIZA.

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