Gordon Ramsay treats his glamorous wife Tana to a night out with friends at the Most Expensive Greek restaurant in the World


The chefs at a top London restaurant were given the unenviable task of cooking for hard-to-please Gordon Ramsay on Monday evening after he treated his wife Tana to a festive dinner date.

Michelin-starred Ramsay, 56, whisked his glamorous wife off to upmarket Mayfair, where they enjoyed an evening meal at the popular Greek-Mediterranean eatery Bacchanalia.

The celebrity chef's furious TV outbursts on Hell's Kitchen and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares have turned him into a household name.

In 2021, Italian TV chef Gino D'Acampo was furious when Gordon Ramsay told him that he thought Greek food was better than Italian food, and ITV fans were in stitches.

BACCHANALIA, which opened its doors to the public only a few weeks ago, is located in Mayfair and is the Greco-Roman-inspired restaurant that is the most expensive in the world.

Both its interior decoration and set-up are equal to Buckingham and Versailles Palaces.

The Greco-Roman-inspired restaurant is the most expensive in the world. Bacchanalia

The luxurious restaurant BACCHANALIA - which takes its name from a celebration in honour of the Bacchus God Dionysus - refers to ancient Greek and Roman feasts and orgies with lots of wine, music, food and beautiful people.

In the centre of the main hall - from floor to ceiling - the visitor faces Gary Myatt's contemporary interpretation of 'Romans in Decline'.

For VIPs, there is also the privet part of the restaurant with plush seats, silver cutlery and porcelain tableware. Through the impressive private dining hall, which has been named 'Artemis', select customers are treated to a special treatment, being able to watch what is happening in the main hall.

The man who inspired the dishes is the successful Greek chef and kitchen star Athinagoras Kostakos.

BACCHANALIA: The most expensive restaurant in the world is Greek! (PHOTOS)