Unrecognisable Omonoia Square during Christmas - See the AMAZING photos!

Omonoia Square Athens Christmas 2022

Even the bleakest corners of Athens, such as Omonoia Square, are decorated and beautified during the holidays, especially at night, when the lights are turned on.

This year the Municipality of Athens welcomed the first winter extravagance after many years, with a multitude of events and decorations.

38 days, 129 neighborhoods, 10 Christmas villages, 120+ activities for the whole family, 30+ musical performances, Omonoia Christmas Market, parties in Kotzia Square and Varvakeio Agora give an overview of the surprises that citizens and visitors can expect this year.

In the meantime, a total of 120 kilometers of LED lights replace the lighting of previous years, contributing to energy savings.

Trees decorate 35 squares in all seven municipal communities, while 6,000 aerial, arched decorative constructions and 60 km of light pipes make Athens even brighter.

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Photos from Marie Claire.

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