World Cup 2022: "We are fine, they have not arrested us," say the Argentines who went topless in Qatar

World Cup 22 Qatar Argentine Argentinian fans

After all, not one, but two female fans of Argentina defied the directives of the Qatari authorities to those in the country's stadiums for the 2022 World Cup to be modest and measured in their attire. They instead went completely topless in the final against France!

Despite the fact that there were even rumours about their possible arrest, the two beauties from Argentina took care to inform their social media followers that they are free and celebrating the triumph of Messi and his teammates.

Of course these shots were again bare from the waist up, with the two girls having already made sure to rebrand their Instagram accounts as 'the topless girl' accompanying their IDs with the World Cup cup emoji.

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Rumors state, in fact, that both bold women from Argentina did not hesitate to show their best off the field completely disregarding possible consequences.

See more photos of the two Argentines found in Qatar

It is recalled that before the start of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar 's tourism organisation had warned visitors that "both men and women should show respect for local culture by avoiding overly revealing clothing in public."

"We generally recommend that men and women cover their shoulders and knees," Qatar's tourism agency added at the time, "advice" that the Argentines completely ignored.

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