Which Christmas destinations abroad did Greeks choose this year

Christmas Santa Clause Rovaniemi Finland

Paris, London, Rovaniemi, Vienna but also Egypt, New York and Dubai are the top destinations chosen by Greeks to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays. Of course, Munich, Budapest, Belgrade and the ski resort in Bansko are not missing from the list of options.

Speaking to Proto Thema, the president of the Federation of Tourist Agents, Mr. Lyssandros Tsilidis, said that the prices have increased compared to 2019, which is due to the energy crisis affecting transport and accommodation.

“Travel packages compared to 2019 prices are increased by an average of 25% and this is due to the cost of transportation as the air cost is transferred to the customer," Tsilidis explained.

"So these prices cannot be cheaper than the real increase. we accept and I do not hide from you that the energy costs transferred to the hotel units create an increased trend but depending on the travel period," he added.

In other words, during Christmas, which is considered a family holiday, most people stay at home, while during the New Year period, the markets are more open, so we will see prices fluctuate according to the availability of hotels in each destination.

According to Mr. Tsilidis, there is increased traffic for Christmas and New Year's, as well as for the Northern Lights.

The destinations chosen by the majority of travelers are mainly Rovaniemi, Paris and London, but also Vienna, Munich, Budapest, Sofia, Belgrade and Bansko, while many trips will also be made to Egypt, Dubai, Morocco and Turkey.

"Encouragingly, many are making long trips to India, Latin America, Cuba, Southeast Asia, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco," he said.

The prices for a trip to Dubai start from 800 euros per person while for America they start from 1200 euros per person.

"Let me tell you that the prices are indicative and that's why I say from 800 euros for Dubai for example, because everything depends on the hotel that the traveler will book, from how many nights they will stay, if he will eat inside the hotel or outside and of course what they will spend, as well as if they have booked somewhere for New Year's Eve".

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