Elli Kokkinou on collaborating with Katy Garbi: "I have heard it as a rumour"

elli kokkinou kaiti garbi

Elli Kokkinou mentioned the possibility of a collaboration with Katy Garbi, but also the recent comment by Dionysis Schinas that referred to her.

In an interview on the "Super Katerina" show, the singer also referred to the proposal that had been made to her to participate as a coach in "J2US", saying: "I have been offered to go as a judge in J2US and I refused because it is something which I don't care about.

"As a judge yes, I would be interested in going. Why not with the same team?" she added,

Kokkinou then added: “I have never been offered to work with Katy Garbi at J2US. I've heard it as a rumour, but I haven't been offered yet."

"If the conditions are right and allow me and the other artist and the conditions are right, of course, why not? I don't have a problem working with Katy Garbi and I don't think she does either," the singer added.

Finally, regarding the statement by Schinas, in which he called her "the person of his life," Kokkinou commented: "I haven't seen exactly what Dionysis Schinas said, but if he said it like that, I thank him very much."

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