Unvaccinated health staff set to return on January 1st in Greece

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Unvaccinated health staff will return to work under strict protocols as of January 1, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Wednesday, telling Parliament that no legislation is required for this to occur.

Unvaccinated health workers had been put on furlough at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. The committee of experts advising the health minister issued recommendations on Wednesday regarding the conditions of their return.

“Unvaccinated health workers should return with two rapid tests, with a high-protection mask, to ensure that the test is done… that there is supervision of compliance with the measures, by the administration,” it said, adding that “obviously noncompliance will also constitute a disciplinary offense.”

For unvaccinated doctors and unvaccinated nurses, the recommendation is that they should not be in ICUs or places where there are immunocompromised patients, such as oncology departments