Deputy Minister Oikonomou told by Pakistani journalist and friend to legalise migrants quicker

Syed Jamil Eleftherios Oikonomou

Eleftherios Oikonomou welcomed once again his friend and journalist Syed Jamil, who with audacity, demanded that Pakistanis that are illegally in Greece become legalised in five years instead of the seven years which applies.

"The fraudsters of the New Democracy party will try pre-election to deceive the naïve in order to grab (again) their vote. Any VOLUNTARY returns of Pakistanis will be dubbed deportations. Those who accept will have priority if they want to return to Greece as legalised workers," the Stavrofos Twitter account wrote.

"Syed Jamil, attaché of the Pakistani embassy, ​​participates in all guided hate demonstrations outside the Indian embassy. Why he finds receptive ears and open doors in ministries & agencies, perhaps a prosecutor from Brussels could answer that," he added.

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