Greece shocked by eight students gang raping a classmate

rape sexual assault child abuse greece thessaloniki

An unimaginable case involving eight 15-year-old students who raped their classmate has shocked all of Greece. The eight students for a whole month abused and raped their peer.

Disgustingly, they also filmed the brutality and sent it to third parties, meaning they are now accused of distributing child pornography.

The Athens Security Sub-Directorate is taking the case very seriously.

According to Proto Thema, the group of criminals were students of the 1st Lyceum in Ilion, Western Athens.

On Wednesday morning, the minors were charged - on a case-by-case basis - with gang rape, child pornography and narcotic possession, among other charges.

As it emerged from the investigation, they committed these unthinkable acts on the minor from at least the beginning of November 2022 until the beginning of December 2022.

The rapes took place in a small house in the neighbourhood where the students lived, with the use of objects (specifically a broom stick). The perpetrators also brutally bullied the victim so that they would not speak.

The victim experienced incredible torture and at some point broke down and spoke to their family.

In searches carried out in the homes of the criminals, mobile phones, precision scales, a nylon package with 5.12 grams of cannabis, a metal grinder with cannabis residue and other items related to the case were found and confiscated.

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