Konstantinos Argiros plays basketball in his dressing room - Watch the video

Konstantinos Argiros

Konstantinos Argiros enjoyed a few minutes in his dressing room playing basketball. Shortly before going on stage at the nightclub, where he appeared together with Sakis Rouvas, he spent some time with his fans and was captured dribbling the ball.

The singer has several times made his love for the popular sport known with his posts on social media. However, this time he revealed that he does not part with the ball, not even when he sings.

In a video posted by Konstantinos Argyros on Instagram Stories, he showed off some of his basketball tricks to his social media followers, leaving the word "Ready???"

In fact, at the end of the post, he did not fail to smile at the camera and make one last move, throwing the ball to those watching him through the screens of their electronic devices.

Watch the video:

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