Yannis Ploutarchos: I dedicate the song "I found everything in you" to my wife

Yannis Ploutarchos

On Saturday, on "Home with MEGA" at 9:00pm, Christmas Eve will be celebrated with Paola and Yannis Ploutarchos, who will bring their joy and optimism.

Roula Koromilas will welcome the two popular artists and a group of familiar and loved ones in a festive show with fun, music, song and lots of dancing.

Paola in the lead up to the Christmas Eve show said: "I love this show and also Roula Koromilas. Yannis Ploutarchos is a good man and a great singer. I have associated the song Karavi with my dad."

When asked what kind of mum she is, she replied that she is a classic one,  maybe more strict, "but it's normal."

For his part, Yannis said: "I feel very good. I'm glad we'll keep company in the world. Roula Koromilas and I have been friends for many years and I love her very much."

Regarding his children, he revealed: "I have advised my children to be themselves and not to be afraid of anything. I dedicate the song Ola Se Sena Ta Vrika (I found everything in you) to my wife."

Watch the trailer:

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