ATHEX CEO Kontopoulos: Venture Capital for 'new generation' digital technology fintech solutions

CEO of Athens Exchange Group Yianos Kontopoulos

A very important initiative that will strengthen the start-ups and the digital technology companies is promoting the Athens Stock Exchange, the CEO of Athens Exchange Group Yianos Kontopoulos said in an interview with Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX).

It is a hybrid corporate Venture Capital that will create the Athens Stock Εxchange which will focus on the integration of the 'next generation' digital solution fintech to the Stock Exchange environment that will resolve problems of the listed companies, the members and of the clients in general.

Additionally, through this project, the ATHEX board believes that companies will emerge that will launch and their listing to Athens Stock Exchange.

On the course of the market, Kontopoulos underlined that it has showed remarkable resilience in very adverse condition and consequently, in an environment that suddenly Greece is starting to stand out positively and systematically, the potential for its growth and enlargement is undoubtedly high.

Regarding the return of the Greek Stock Market to the developed markets, he noted that is one of the top priorities adding that he would be satisfied if this is held within the next 18 months.

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