Sakellaropoulou message on Christmas: Our thoughts today are with the children of Ukraine

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou Christmas

Greek Katerina Sakellaropoulou underlined in a post on the social media that during the days of Christmas, "our thoughts are with the children of Ukraine. Their most beautiful and carefree years were devastated by the war."

She also added "They are living with the fear, the insecurity and the uncertainty and when asked they say that they have asked from Santa Claus to end this war and bring their fathers back home".

"But the Ukrainians are determined not to let the war steal the Christmas from their children and the "huge tree of Invincibility in the centre of Kyiv which is decorated with the doves of peace and with blue and yellow lights, the colours of Ukraine, and with the emblem of the country, the trident on the top, is the response to the invaders' violence".

She also underlined that "if this picture is not enough to erase the pain from an unfair and unprovoked war, it may, possibly, bring hope to the hearts and to bring, at last, the smile to the children that have suffered so much".

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