Nightclub where Despina Vandi performed was fined because Vassilis Bispikis was smoking

Vassilis Bisbikis despina vandi

One photo on Twitter was enough for the Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris, to start the procedures to impose a fine on a nightclub where Despina Vandi was performing for not complying with the anti-smoking law.

In particular, Plevris, in his post on social media, shared a photo in which the partner of Despina Vandi, Vassilis Bisbikis, is seen holding a cigarette in the nightclub where his beloved appears, enjoying herself on stage.

As the Minister of Health writes, "based on this photo, the process is underway to impose a fine on the shop and those who are illegal". "The law applies to everyone and smoking indoors is PROHIBITED," he emphasizes.

Thanos Plevris's post in detail:

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However, as pointed out by several users who commented on the minister's post, the anti-smoking law in nightclubs is not being respected, especially after the pandemic, while there are several who point out that more checks should be done.

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