Sin Cars is coming to Greece

Sin Cars Bulgaria

Sin Cars was founded ten years ago with the aim of developing and manufacturing its own supercar. It was nothing new, as news, but the interest was heightened as this particular company was founded in Bulgaria.

With the prevalence of electrification, the executives of the company decided to get involved in this sector as well, creating their own respective models. The latest of these is the all- electric van called the L CITY that the people at Sin Cars have big plans for.

Sin Cars Bulgaria

In particular, the Bulgarian company announced that it intends to create a new factory in Romania, in which it will manufacture its models. However, the most interesting thing is that it signed an agreement with the Netherlands, Germany and Greece, to make available 10 electric L CITY by the end of the year.

In addition to Bulgaria, Sin Cars is also represented in Germany, where it is trying to establish itself as much as possible to acquire some buyers there and to become known more widely. Its investment in Romania initially aims to create purely electric vehicles that serve the transport needs of professionals.

Sin Cars Bulgaria

Its new factory will be built in the Giurgiu region, which is located in southern Romania, very close to the company's headquarters in Ruse, near the border of the two countries, which is actually the part of the Danube that separates them.

As announced, the ultimate goal of its executives is to manufacture 20,000 vehicles annually in the coming years.

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