Christmas Eve: Athlete saves woman who was choking while eating in Chania


Moments of anxiety were experienced by all who ate at a restaurant in the old port of Chania on Christmas Eve as an athlete had to come to a woman's rescue.

It was a Saturday afternoon when a group of three women and their children were enjoying their meal, Flash News reported. Suddenly one of the women started choking in front of her two children!

Immediately the other women got up and tried to help her but the unfortunate woman continued suffering.

And while the seconds were ticking with the anxiety growing, suddenly a man from a nearby table gets up and rushes to help.

According to local media, this was the triathlete Kostas Varouhakis, who calmly applied the Heimlich grip to the choking woman, resulting in the respiratory tract being freed from the food section and immediately restored, with her children falling in relief in her arms.

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