Parties' demands have turned off Greeks abroad from registering to vote in national elections, PASOK-KINAL charges

SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras

The limitations that SYRIZA and other opposition parties imposed on voting by Greeks living abroad essentially "practically cancelled the large-scale electoral participation of Greeks residing abroad," PASOK-Movement for Change (KINAL) said on Tuesday.

Its press office said in a statement that "even expensive awareness campaigns failed to mobilize our fellow-Greeks who live abroad and have a right to participate." A total of 4,000 voters have managed to sign up, nothing like the six-figure Greeks who left the country during the crisis years, it added.

PASOK-KINAL also criticized the government of New Democracy (ND) for "floating the idea through leaks that it will change the law once again, reducing the number of representatives for Greeks of the diaspora in the next parliamentary cycle." ND, it said, "wants to cancel the first mistake by committing another," instead of improving it. "This points to a quiet admission of failure and to yet another anti-institutional choice by the ruling party that we will not agree to," it underlined.