Dendias: Slight injury from a fall after feeling unwell on Mount Athos

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias in Mount Athos December 2022.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias received minor injuries from the episode of postural hypotension that he suffered at around 7 am on Thursday while attending the Divine Liturgy at the Holy Monastery of Xenophontos on Mount Athos.

Dendias received first aid from the doctor of the Karion Health Centre who rushed to the monastery with information. The foreign minister then returned to Athens for precautionary reasons, canceling the remainder of his visit to the autonomous region.

In any case, the state of health of Greece's top diplomat does not inspire any concern and the return to Athens is a move that is always made in similar cases for precautionary reasons.

What the Minister of Foreign Affairs wrote on Twitter:

As it became known, the Minister of Foreign Affairs had an episode of orthostatic hypotension due to fatigue and standing during the Divine Liturgy that had started at 4 am.

It is recalled that the beginning of his visit to Mount Athos was also adventurous as due to thick fog the helicopter that transported him on Wednesday morning did not manage to land at the heliport of Karia, nor at that of the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi.

Finally, the helicopter went down to the Great Monastery of Lavra.

After arriving, the foreign minister said that "it is a particular pleasure and honour for me, as a political leader, to be today on Mount Athos."

"First of all, I had the opportunity to express to the holy Community the perception of the Government that this ark of Orthodoxy is worthy of all support and all help.

"But beyond that, I also had the opportunity as a pilgrim to be in front of the monuments of Orthodoxy, to come into contact with the monks who serve this over a thousand-year-old tradition and to feel myself a small part of this long chain."

Earlier, Dendias expressed his well wishes to the representatives and members of the Holy Community of Mount Athos, as well as his profound gratitude "for their moving presence and participation" in his reception.

The foreign minister also asked "as a humble pilgrim", as he said, for their well wishes and prayers and conveyed "the respect and unlimited love of the prime minister and the members of the government, whose interest in Mount Athos is great and lasting".

"You, Holy Fathers, who continue the historical course of this unique Monastic State in the World with a special offering, with willingness, with sacrifices, as well as with unprecedented collegiality, are absolutely justified in expecting cooperation,

At the same time, Dendias stated that he is sure that they do not escape their attention, but also their special sensitivity, "the difficult circumstances that Greece went through and which, with God, are being dealt with".

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