GNTM: "It was a pivotal moment for me, the victory is symbolic," says Alexia Traiko

Alexia Traiko GNTM

Alexia Traiko, the winner of this year's Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM), gave an interview and mentioned, among other things, her family.

The young model who managed to stand out among the rest of the contestants was invited to the set of the show "[email protected]".

Initially, she referred to her father, who lives in the USA. "In general, we are a bit separated from each other with my family. My dad is in America, he has remarried.

"I always had my friends by my side, they were there and covered the whole gap," she said.

The winner added that her father was watching the final from America and called her immediately, on the phone, as soon as the result was announced.

Traiko also added that: "He was always there by my side, advising me. He was very excited, although he didn't want to show it. It's that classic, that men don't cry. What I had missed a lot in the past, is that I had not heard 'bravo'."

"GNTM was a pivotal moment for me, the victory is symbolic," Traiko stressed.

Finally, she referred to her mother. As she said, they are not on good terms. “We don't have that good of a relationship, we're not even close, but okay."

"I know she can be proud of me, even though we don't have such a good relationship," she said in closing.

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