Turkish analyst: "Greece extending its territorial waters around Crete would be a rape of Turkey"


It came to light in the last few days from Greek media that there could be a possible extension of Greece's territorial waters, south of Crete, to 12 nautical miles, as permitted by international law. This news has already triggered Turkish media.

Journalists and analysts comment, in front of large maps of the Eastern Mediterranean showing Turkey's illegal demands, that the extension to 12 N.M. "creates problems", mainly on the Libyan side, arguing that Greece will encroach on its rights deriving from the illegal 2020 Turkish-Libyan memorandum.

What the analyst and expert on security and terrorism, Abdullah Ağar reports, claims is that if this happens, it will be a "rape of Turkey's sovereignty".

Speaking on a CNN Türk show, the analyst stated specifically: "We absolutely consider the extension even for one metre beyond six miles as a violation of Turkey's sovereignty."

"In fact, it is a violation of sovereignty," he said, continuing:  "From our point of view, this is a red line and Turkey has shown its will in the past," and indirectly arguing that other forces are behind Greece's action.

"Be careful, Greece is not a country that moves based on its own free will. This is the dangerous side of this story" he concluded.

It should be noted that lately, more and more, Agar is "competing" his colleagues, analyzing extreme scenarios against Greece.

Recently, in fact, he appeared confident that Turkey "will definitely do something somewhere", meaning a military strike in the Aegean and that "with our blood we will destroy the Greek Rafale".

He himself, last October, also targeted Greek military chief general Konstantinos Floros due to his visits of the Greek islands of Chios, Oinouses, Panagia and Psara, threatening him that at any moment Turkey can target him with the domestic-made Tayfun missile.

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