Greece responds to Turkey's latest threat of war: "We are neither intimidated, nor terrorised"

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu Turkey

The Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister and Government representative Yannis Economos, with his announcement, responded to the latest threats if war made by Turkey against Greece.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu reiterated on Thursday that Turkey would not allow the extension of Greek territorial waters in the Aegean by even one mile.

In his answer, Yannis Economos stated that Greece "is neither intimidated, nor terrorised."

The statement of Yannis Economos in detail:

"Greece is neither intimidated, nor terrorised," government spokesperson Yiannis Economou underlined on Thursday responding to threatening statements by Turkish officials against Greece.

"The Greek government governs based solely on international law and national interests," Economou said adding that: "The tactic of threats and provocations, which Turkey follows, is an absolute impasse since Greece is neither intimidated nor terrorised."

"It would be useful for Turkish officials to think about the deadlock and not continue on the same path and in the new year," the Greek spokesperson said.

The response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Çavuşoğlu

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave their own response through a statement by the representative Georgios Arnaoutis who, in response to a journalist's question about the statements of Turkish officials, pointed out the following:

"Turkey should finally understand that there are rules followed by all civilised and privileged states. Threatening to use violence because you don't like the rules is reminiscent of other centuries and certainly not the 21st.

"In the crude and unprecedented threat of violence by modern standards, Greece puts forward the rules, exercising all the rights derived from International Law."

Çavuşoğlu's statements:

In the usual press conference given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs before the end of the year, he said: "in the last few days there have been reports in the Greek press that the Greek territorial waters will be extended to 12 miles around Crete.

"Our position is clear, no to 12 miles.W e will not allow territorial waters to be extended even one mile further into the Aegean. The decision taken by our Parliament in 1995 on this issue is clear and continues to apply.

"Once again I want to warn Greece. Don't make lies relying on those you are trying to get behind you. Don't get into adventures and you know the end will be very bad.

"We had started exploratory contacts with Greece. But because of the campaign launched by Mitsotakis against Turkey, because of the challenges in the Aegean, the allegations of genocide and the pressures against the Turks of Western Thrace, we put the dialogue on hold.

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"We had sent two letters to the UN in 2021 regarding the violations committed by Greece on the demilitarised islands. And so we recorded that Greece, because it violates the terms of the Lausanne and Paris Treaties towards us, will not be able to express sovereignty rights."

Turkey and Greece have a number of pending problems stemming from the Aegean Sea, stemming from the formers claim that it has a right to extend its territorial waters beyond permitted and preventing Greece from its current 6 miles to 12 miles, as permitted by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Aegean Sea 6 miles 12 nautical miles

The Turkish Parliament declared in 1995 that unilateral action over territorial waters by Greece would constitute a casus belli, which means reason to go to war. Turkey is one of the very few countries in the whole world who is not a party to the UNCLOS. Most non-signatories are landlocked countries.

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