Inside the luxury Greek resort where Glass Onion: Knives Out was filmed


So, where was Glass Onion: Knives Out filmed?

Amanzoe (Villa 20), Porto Heli, Greece
Just like The White Lotus hotel in Sicily, Miles Bron’s Mediterranean mansion from Glass Onion does actually exist on the coast of the Aegean sea.

The film’s production designer Rick Heinrichs fell in love with a luxury resort called Amanzoe, near Porto Heli in Greece and used views from multiple villas to create a CGI island.

Amanzoe - Villa 20

“It wasn’t an island. It was in the middle of the Peloponnesian peninsula, which would require us to depend on visual effects to make it look like one,” he told Condé Nast Traveller. “So there’s different views from each villa, and they lead up to the [Glass Onion] with the best view on top…

“It had this modernist kind of take on classical Greek architecture. And that felt right for Miles. He’s an inquisitive fellow, and he doesn’t necessarily have his own aesthetic, but knows he can pay a lot of money for someone who does.”

Spetses, Greece

Glass Onion also filmed scenes in the Greek island of Spetses, specifically the port of Dapia, where the character were waiting to be picked up by Miles’ super yacht.

The island is covered with incredible villas, an Old Harbour, boujee restaurants and horse-drawn carriages that made it a realistic destination for the friends of a multi-millionaire tech developer to wait for a ride.

Can you actually rent the Glass Onion: Knives Out island?

Netflix actually pranked every body in the run up to the Glass Onion: Knives Out release by listing Miles’ island on Zillow for $450 million. “Breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and Peloponnese await you at this private island oasis designed and curated by Alpha Industries founder Miles Bron,” the description read.

“Sleek architecture and sophisticated design with an equal eye toward nature and extravagance provide an unparalleled luxury living experience accessible only by boat and crowned by a Glass Onion atrium – an architectural triumph and one-of-a-kind piece-de-resistance adorning the main residence soaring 20 meters high.”

Calling the complex a “private commune” the listing said the island was the “perfect retreat for groups of friends, families and enemies alike with the property boasting seven private studio villas – each inspired by a different chakra, six pools, a state of the art gym featuring on call private training sessions, lavish gardens and a multitude of entertaining spaces including a sunken living room and massive dining area perfect for hosting the most elaborate of murder mystery parties.”

Onion island because, as the set designer revealed, most of the location was made up through editing and CGI. However, the Villa 20 at Amanzoe, which has “a private spa, six pools and a multitude of dining spaces, including two outside barbecue areas and a typical Greek taverna under the olive trees” is available to rent— if you have a spare few thousands of pounds.

Amanzoe’s cheapest rooms costs €1530-$2585 (£1,345-£2,134) a night and that price jumps up to €4000 (£3,518) during peak summer. Meanwhile, the most expensive six-bedroom villa costs €13,500 (£11,875) in April and a humungous €17,729 (£15,589) by the height of the summer.

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Images - Amanzoe

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