Melina Nikolaidi awkwardly kisses her partner in the night club where Despina Vandi sings

Melina Nikolaidi Alexandros Polychroniadis

Melina Nikolaidi is in love and certainly does not hide it. The 19-year-old daughter of Despina Vandi and Demi Nikolaidis is in a relationship with 34-year-old Alexandros Polychroniadis and the two do not stop going out together.

Although Melina is studying in London, she took the opportunity now that the Universities are closed due to the holiday season to return to Greece for a while, to her family and her lover.

Last weekend, Melina and Alexandros Polychroniadis had fun at the nightclub where Vandi sings. The two were particularly effusive with each other - and as seen in the photos obtained by You magazine - they exchanged tender kisses and had fun until the early morning.

Who is the partner of Melina Nikolaidis?

Alexandros is a gymnast and volleyball player. Some time ago, Melina had published an image where she was doing pilates with her mother, Despina Vandi, and in the story they uploaded to Instagram, she had tagged Alexandros.

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In another of her posts, Melina announced that she had been at one of his matches and described him as the "libero of our heart". The AEK volleyball player, which is also the club of her father Nikolaidis, who was a football player of the team as well as its president.

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