My best friend wants to name her baby after a Greek alphabet letter

Greek baby names popular

A LIST of baby names has divided the internet after one Redditor revealed her best friend's unusual choices.

The unidentified social media user shared details of the potential titles for her pal's newborn a post last month.

They wrote: "My BFFs baby names. All are serious names she wants to name her future kids."

The list included the names Hades, Orion and Seven.

For girls she is said to be considering Tempest, Raven and Danica.

But the list has left Reddit users divided.

Three were singled out as "horrible" by one commentator.

That included the name Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

The Reddit user replied to the list: "Ok, the only truly horrible ones are Tempest, Hades, and Alpha. Maybe Dusk.

"The rest are…fine? I guess? Orion’s kinda cool, Layla is nice."

For others commenting on the list, there seemed to be a divide between the boy and girl names.

One said: "A few of the girls names are okay (Layla, Raven, Danica and Adrielle). Every one of the boys names though….poor kid."

Another wrote: "Here's to hoping she has only girls because at least some of those girl names are normal lol."

"Poor kids who end up with any of those names," one critic added.

But for others there were positives to the list.

One Redditor wrote: "I really like Danica. Layla and Raven are okay, not my style but okay. Orion is okay I guess. Gedeon spelt Gideon would be much better!"

Another added: "Tempest, Layla, Raven, Danica and Adrielle are all perfectly fine names.

"Hela and Damia are weird but I've seen weirder. Orion (I actually named my son this), Hades, Gedeon (stupid spelling of Gideon but ok) Alpha and Seven are all fine imo.

"Wolf and Dusk are kind of dumb but again I've seen far worse."