THRACE: The biggest Greek spit of 2022 was a 360kg calf!

Feres Evros thrace spit

The largest spit of the year was set up in Thrace!

Visitors and residents of the rural area of Feres in Evros had the opportunity to taste the delicious dish on Thursday afternoon and drank plenty of wine, free of charge.

Specifically, a 360 kg beef and 100 kg of sausages was barbecued!

The event took place on Thursday afternoon and - according to the deputy mayor of the Primary Sector, Agritourism and Transport Department, Dimitris Kolgionis - the aim was to highlight the quality of local meat and promote the culinary tourism of the region.

"The event for visitors will start at 18:00 pm. and the animal (veal) that is skewered for more than 24 hours weighs about 360 kg," the deputy mayor of Fero emphasised to GRTimes on the day of the event.

"We will also roast 100 kilos of sausages and give the guests who will visit us in the central square of Fero plenty of wine," headded.

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According to Mr. Kolgionis, the custom began in 2012, while last year it was not held due to the coronavirus. However, the meat was distributed to the needy in the wider area.

"The whole of Evros gathers in Feres for this particular event. The square is filled with people, despite this there is food for everyone to try," said Kolgionis.

"A coordinated effort is being made by the municipal community of Feron and the municipality of Alexandroupolis, so that the whole world can taste the beef from local breeders, who raise their animals in units in the Evros Delta," added the deputy mayor.

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