How many sports and expensive used cars have been sold in 2022?

Ferrari Roma vs Aston DB11 vs Bentley Conti GT vs Porsche 911 Turbo used cars

The used car market shows that it is doing quite well in Greece, something we see also applies to the new models. However, the category, or rather categories, of vehicles that catch the eye are those involving sports and expensive models.

Studying the special brands of cars that we don't often see on the streets, we find that there are many of them circulating among us that cost a fortune , many times more money than a new one.

Land Rover and Porsche

At the top is Land Rover – Range Rover with 566 used cars that have changed hands, a very large number given the pricing policy followed by the British brand.

Behind the Land Rover is Porsche, which continues with unabated intensity to add new fanatics to its clientele. A total of 335 Porsches have changed hands since the beginning of the year.

Jaguar, which has begun to return to the market after a long period of absence, is also showing momentum. As you will see in the relevant list, 89 models of the British brand changed hands in 11 months.

Ferrari, Lamborghini etc..

Both Ferrari and Maserati have made available 19 cars each (38 in total) to new customers who have chosen to join the Italian school. Lamborghini is also quite high with 10 sales of used cars.

Since then, 3 Lotuses have changed hands, while used Aston Martin and Bentley have been available . Note that the above brands are represented by import companies with the exception of Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Used Sales*

Land Rover/ Range Rover 566
Porsche 335
Jaguar 89
Ferrari 19
Maserati 19
Lamborghini 10
Lotus 3
Aston Martin 1
Bentley 1
* Jan-Nov. 2022

Vassilis Sarimbalides is a columnist for News Auto

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