Despina Vandi: "The years have passed and I'm not longer alone"

Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi heard the song "Full Moon" and remembered the first time it was released and how lonely she felt at that time compared to today.

Lefteris Mitsopoulos and his partner Lola performed the popular song Panselino (Full moon) with music and lyrics by Haroula Alexiou on the stage of J2US and made Despina Vandi want to share a few words with the TV audience for the first time she heard it.

"This song was released in 1995. I had just come to Athens from Thessaloniki, I had then moved into a small house and I was alone with a dog and a two-seater sofa. Without friends. It was Christmas and it reminded me of that moment," she said. “It reminded me of loneliness.

"Silence is alien without company. Different, when you choose it and different, when you are forced", the beloved singer added.

Finally, she stated that the years have passed and she herself feels anything but loneliness. After all, she has her man, Vasilis Bisbikis, by her side.

"The years passed, around 30 years and at Christmas I am no longer alone, I am happy, I have a three-seater sofa, I have two dogs and people I love. Our path and becoming better people is important," she concluded.

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